The Coloured Door

Автор: delirium, 15.03.2013

Кошка сидит перед дверью в Лето

Dawning was creeping slowly. The first month of spring seemed to be the end of December. The snow was still present here and there at the streets. Biting cold woke him up. His room has its own cooling atmosphere, but today was much more colder. The sun didn’t rise and the heating was off. So, he didn’t have anything to warm it. He wasn’t poor, on the contrary, recently he inherited a lot of money from his dead aunt, yet he just decided not to waste them on such stuff as warming his huge appartment. Moreover, he had his own company and was a moderate man of twenty-four years occupying one of the highest positions in a society. It could be said he had all needed. Common people normally wish they would have it too. Although, the real love wasn’t with him. In other words, he was alone as the lonely leaf on the ground. His name was well-known, however, Brendan Flowers didn’t enjoy this fact. Almost ordinary guy with a sense of curiosity to the extravagant things was a bit conservative in his habits. That’s why his days were practically identical one to another and dull. Except one tradition he always did. Before going for a work on the thirteenth floor, he adored to stop near the establishment, where his company was placed, and to look across the street at the strange building. The windows of his cabinet were not situated in the aspect to this house, and he was too busy after job. Thus, he could observe it only in the early morning outside. The architectural masterpiece wasn’t supposed to be a wonder for citizens, but for him it was the most attractive construction in the city. And he had never been indoors, though he had a strong will to visit the mysterious house that called for him.

The clouds covered the sky and the birds were singing vivaciously. He was walking as usual beside the numerous restaurants. Usually, he didn’t take those advertisement offered by a young fellow at the corner of the streets. However, he knew his individual life pretty enough and was so tired and bored with it. That’s why he made up a decision to change the sorrowful existance a little bit. He took one card and read at once. «The Coloured Door» — was written on the paper with a rainbow. And the address. Somewhere not far from the Independence Hall. In that House. The favourite one. It was something that pushed him to make a step forward to the realisation of his dream. He forgot all the previous movements in his human being. It was a new target of a newly created living. That was the obvious beginning of his happy future. No doubt, he didn’t guess, he felt.

Running to the destination he didn’t think what would be there. In front of the massive black door he stopped for a minute. From this viewpoint that round building had its remarkable prospect. But the inner world was secretly hidden. As if nobody was ever existing deeply in the soul of this marvellous edifice. He tried to open the door quietly. Without any gentle noise the man moved in the oval hall. The silence predominated. Somehow he was purplexed with the picture appeared. The round wall was separated by ten sections ended with different colourful doors. What is more, every entrance changed its colour within the seconds. The reason why, he didn’t see. The door he went through closed. He was totally confused. He looked over the card again in order to find anything else. Suddenly, he noticed that the printed paper was of double nature. He resolutely ripped it in two pieces. On the one side of one piece was an utterance: «You should enter only once in one door painted with your favourite tone and you’ll get what you really want.» On the second side of another piece was the following continuation: «Your wish will come true, if you don’t think twice. Just imagine smoothly and you will receive it immediately.» The problem is how to choose the right door when they from time to time differ with the colours, that alter one by one. In one moment he saw all the doors in random shades. He ought to overcome the obstacle on the way to happiness. He explicitly understood what he really could, because he was ready to sacrifice everything in the name of love. He was sure that would be it what would expect him behind a certain door. He can make a wrong choice and the entire futurity will be in vain. The undertone of the sun he definitely liked, nevertheless, at that period the doors were of the same yellow colour as lemons. Like the sickening image of desert.

Perhaps, it was the enlightment that stroke him. It can be no mistake. He closed his eyes and listened to the heart. Intuitively he ran straight to the special door with a surprise. He touched a handle and turned it to the right. The unintentional smile showed his release. Every entrance, apart from that very one he entered, led to the unbelievable appartment. An enormous light illuminated the elegant accommodation. A small lady in a fair dress turned around and gazed at him with a slight interest. The window beyond her made an appropriate contrast between her angelic appearance and the sunlight that at last lazily rose.

— Who are you? — the lassie opened her voluptuous lips and asked the visitor with an inarticulate dignity in her silver voice.

— I do not know exactly who I am for you. — he answered. — It will depend on you.

Her beautiful dark eyes enlarged and her eyebrows as two raven wings elevated. Florence Welch was not such kind of person, who hated some surprises. Her cloak-and-dagger mind was looking every day for something new. Probably, that’s why she was a painter, made a fortune and had the whole house in her private disposal. And in her 21 she tried a lot of things. Only the feeling of love avoided her so long. Men were devoted to her, but she had never loved them. Yesterday she made acquaintance with the boy at the corner who distributed the cards with the advertisement of linguistic courses. She didn’t love him yet, however, precisely liked. Therefore, she decided to made a date with him this morning in her studio and flat. Nevertheless, her artistic nature required to create it extraordinary in the form of game like an ironical sort of joke. She gave him beforehand a self-made card with an odd invitation to come. And then she waited patiently near the window. To tell the truth, she wasn’t conservative at all, but one custom she did: got up early in the morning and stared endlessly at the building against hers. It was one of those multi-stage office houses that were widely spread in her city. They were similar to each other but this one constantly draw her attention with the active life inside it. One day she would promptly depict this motion. She took a cup of tea from the table and examined the picturesque landscape carefully. Then she threw a glance at the well-prepared doors. In the night she ridiculously dyed them with the help of chameleon suffusion and was completely satisfied by her intention. Unless one of the doors opened.

Very handsome good-looking man came in and looked at her attentively. From where she stood that unique invitation card was visible in his left hand. He was shaven, tall, with a shortly cut brown hair, in a perfect costume, that absolutely suited him. Her dream revived and ascended from the pages. Only the daemon could be so noble and magnificent. The sound of his voice was very pleasant to her ears. He rushed closer, made her unable to breathe.

— Are all of your doors opened? — questioned he her anxiously with his brown eyes full of tender.

— Usually not. — said she affectionately.

— Are you waiting for someone? — interrogated he as though he was in the deepest despair.

She shooked her head with a long dark wavy hair. — No, you’ve already come. — she pronounced the words acquiescently.

That was it. The feeling long-awaited by both. Was it destiny or accidental coincidence of the circumstances, they would never understand. They knew, it was not impossible as an idylic fairy tale for children, it could be true if somebody eagerly would want it to. But it wasn’t real. That story took place 5 years ago and it was the best his allusion. Whereupon, there were two obstructions on the way for their being together. Firstly, if he had never signed that silly contract, and then, if he didn’t disappear in time because the next day he would be slayed or inprisoned, he could be near her. Nowadays, he stood on the edge of the villa’s roof on the isolated island far from her, clearly overlooking his preceding doings. Secondly, if he would be more brave, she stayed with him. Unfortunately, at that time that guy at the corner bothered them and Brendan capitulated, prefered not to win the main prize. His imagination sometimes played with him a fantastic trick. He saw how in month after that fatal day he made her a proposal and she agreed. Then they had three children and lived quite happily ever after. Moreover, that guy at the corner had never been seeing again. And such were his tattered and torn desires. He didn’t regret but only for her, whom he promised to made blissful, nevertheless, he broke their hearts, while he thought it would be better for her. She seemed to be lucky with that assertive guy and the kids, but Florence and Brendan couldn’t forget their opportunity for the alternative reality.

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